Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Practical Optimism, a Lemonade Stand, and an Omlette

originally posted Tuesday, October 14, 2008
I just read an article which speaks to my parsimonious side. I relate it to food, as I do so great many things within my scope. I re-invoke the omelette.

Two buttered saute pans: one for the unsalted egg and milk mixture, and the other for the onions and (then) spinach.

When the eggs are perfectly medium rare the grated, crumbled or chopped cheese goes over the center, the hot veggies and/or meat over that, and a flip-flop-slide onto the plate.

Accompany with a piece of good toasted bread and butter. When cheap is delicious and nutritious, the consumer is thrice rewarded.

I am often referring to the old, overiterated adage about when life hands you lemons. And if there are enough lemons coming your way, you may want to think about setting up a lemonade stand.
Take it from me. I'm not complaining, or insinuating that I got more lemons than the next guy (I am sure it just seems like it).

But I'm like, hell, we got a whole bunch of 'em... just working with what I got.

The worst case scenario ought to involve a fermenting heap of the rotted lemons rinds, pulp and juice I couldn't sell. Let the lemon compost heap act as a double metaphor for both the grotesqueness of the realities we face in life as well as the growth potential derived from the fertilizing properties of that heap.

Which reminds me of something else I read, about life spawning from death, as Aristotle wrote about flies and crocodiles. I would like to think, regardless of what it means, that it will all lead to something.

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