If you want to roast a 2 lb round roast, what temperature is ideal? How long should you roast it?

Short answer: go low and long to maximize the limited tenderness of this cut of meat. Say, 300F for an hour, maybe an hour and 10 minutes.

And if you are open to variations, try braising the roast at the same temp with some aromatics, i.e. garlic, herbs, etc. A wet cooking method will give you even more tenderness, and will also give you a velvety sauce to go with it.

Either way, I would recommend searing the roast on each side just to brown it up for flavor. This technique has historically been referred to as “sealing in the juices”, although somewhat recently there has been a strong argument that no such sealing actually occurs. Regardless, it makes it takes better due to the Maillard browning effect.

Have fun cooking!