One of the most readily available, affordable, and tasty “superfoods” are beans. Beans are the proof that many a beautiful meal can be made with just a few quality ingredients. I personally adore beans - and nothing is easier to pull together than a sublime soft pinto bean and veggie burrito. Even though I almost always have a pot either soaking or cooking - the prospect of dealing with dried beans can be daunting for some home cooks which is why I offer you some of my best time-saving tips in this guide. Packed with nutritional value and easy on the wallet … beans are also the centerpiece of a big range of cuisines and can satisfy almost any food mood.

In the All About Beans Cooking Guide, you’ll find inspiration, tons of recipes, and large doses of tips on how to avoid some of legume’s infamous side effects.

Dish Ideas and Recipe Collection

  • Bean Salads
  • Soups and Chili
  • Vegetarian Bean Recipes
  • Bean Side Dishes
  • Breakfast Beans
  • Beans with ….
  • Lovin those White Beans
  • Meat and Beans
  • Last-minute Beans Dishes
  • Bean dips and spreads

Selecting, Storing, and Cooking Beans

Soaking and Cooking Times for Different Types of Beans

and of course,

Avoiding Gas

Check out the Guide and I know you’ll find one of our chefs’ Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin dishes will inspire you. Pick up some beans at the store and give me a call on the hotline so we can create a bean dish that satisfies your craving!