Monday, May 4, 2009

Healthy Turkey Fettucini with Creamed Spinach

originally posted at ChefsLine 28 Apr 2007

If you want to make a classic hearty dinner recipe healthier, you'll be off to a great start by substituting healthier ingredients for standard dairy products.

Make a creamed spinach recipe, for instance, incorporating a “goat cheese” from yogurt, almond milk, extra virgin olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, and a dash of fresh ground nutmeg.

You might try fat-free cream cheese, unless you are trying to eliminate dairy items all-together, in which case, several of the egg-substitute products out today are very good.

As for a substitute for sour cream, try food processing some cottage cheese and adding a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, or skim milk with a dash of vinegar.

For the pasta, use a whole grain pasta, with no less than 4 g of fiber per serving. Barilla Plus or Ronzoni Healthy Harvest are good brands.

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