Monday, May 4, 2009

Toffee Oil Separation

originally posted at ChefsLine 14 Apr 2007

What do you do about the oil that seeps to the top of your English toffee?

Chances are there is nothing wrong with the butter you are using.

Here are a few tips:
1. Keep it moving. Constantly keep stirring the toffee in the pot, not necessarily vigorously, but don’t let it sit.
2. Lower your temperature. Keep it around 300 F. You’ll have to stir it longer, but that’s what it takes.
3. Add a little hot water. A couple of tablespoons of hot water can moderate the cooking process a bit. Be careful, it may spatter.
4. Use salted butter, or add a teaspoon of salt per pound of butter.
5. Pour it into a thin layer. It will cool faster, thus sealing the toffee before the oil can separate.
6. Don’t fret, separation is normal. If you haven’t prevented the separation 100%, it’s okay to sop up a bit of oil off the top.
7. Have fun cooking!

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