Friday, July 17, 2009

Writing Collaboration: Raw Foods


I'm a freelance writer who has been asked to write a short piece on the
benefits of eating raw foods, and adopting a raw foods diet. I am lookingfor any experts, specialists, or sites with information on the
health/wellness/environmental benefits of eating raw foods. Also, any
practical advice (like rinsing your mouth after smoothies because of the
acids in the fruit) would be helpful.

I'm on a tight deadline, so
direct, specific information and quotes is greatly appreciated. Preference
will be given to sources in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Ara, but all
information is helpful.

Hi Caroline,

I received your request from HARO via ChefsLine's CEO about your raw foods diet article. I'm one of two of the chefs at ChefsLine who really enjoys teaching others about raw food benefits. In general, a raw foods diet (raw is the law) is a lifestyle choice and a healthy solution for people facing a number if health / digestive issues.

I do, however, try to include as much raw food as I can, to capitalize on the nutritional value of foods. I am sure you know that taking on a raw foods diet is about protecting digestive enzymes, so that one glass of carrot juice can provide as much calcium as several glasses of milk, if only because the calcium in pasteurized milk doesn't get a chance to be fully harnessed. HIV patients seem like they would be the best beneficiaries of the enhanced nutrition of a raw foods diet, but I am no doctor.

Incorporating something raw into every meal is one thing, but going totally raw has the added effect of cleansing the body, an effect that can be a bit dangerous is undertaken too rapidly, or at least so says Humbart "Smokey" Santillo, author of Intuitive Eating: Lifelong Health and Vitality Through Food, who reportedly got ill from trying to switch from a high protein diet to a raw foods diet all at once. That's why his book offers a three-stage strategy to ween off other foods and adapt gradually. Also, according to him, a high-protein diet for athletes is overrated.

One way to get the most out of raw foods without dehydrating everything is juicing, and the health benefits of juicing and eating raw go hand in hand. Also, one might try fasting for a couple of days, drinking only water and juiced fruits and vegetables, if only to practice making the sort of tough diet decicions that will be required when adopting a raw foods diet. Eventually, however, the desire to eat unhealthy foods is supposed to naturally wane, as the body begins to tell you what it wants. Personally, I don't want to make the kinds of sacrifices a real raw foods diet requires, but I do try to minimize my unhealthy food intake, of course.

Other than feeling great and living well, another great aspect to raw foods is the fun design of the food itself. Many restaurants have developed amazing recipes for fun raw dishes, and perusing the menu of a raw foods cafe is one of the more entertaining things you can do with your lunch break. Also, the food is really filling. It simply takes fewer bites to feel full, and I don't quite know how to explain that.

Well I hope helps a little, and good luck with the article. I hope it gets to you in time. Feel free to check in with myself or any of the other chefs I work with here at ChefsLine, the Culinary Hotline, regarding future food-oriented topics. It's our job to spread the wealth of culinary knowledge to the masses, one home cook at a time.

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